God: The Storyteller

Jesus told stories about things we can see to help us understand things we can't see. In this series we explore a handful of the parables Jesus told. And if we listen carefully, we might just discover that these stories are about us.

7/20/14 The Great Banquet ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

God: The Musician

The Bible is filled with dozens and dozens of songs - melodies written by God about God. These beautiful tunes call out to us, revealing the wondrous nature of God. In this series of sermons we explore several of these God-breathed songs. And as we listen to God singing them over us, we find our souls singing back to Him.

6/15/14 God Our Father ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/22/14 God of the Young and Old ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/29/14 God our King ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/6/14 God of the Nations ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/13/14 God of Ultimate Worth ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Heart Matters

What if there was one part of your life that affected every other part. Well, there is such a thing ... it's your heart. The Bible calls the heart life's wellspring, meaning the stream of our lives flows out of our heart. As such, guarding your heart must be a priority. This two-part series delves into the heart of the matter about the matter of the heart.

6/1/14 The Heart of the Matter ----- Mike Hall
6/8/14 A Matter of the Heart ----- Mike Hall

Love Revolution

1 Corinthians 13 is admired for both its form and content. But it's more than a just a nice piece of literature - it's about a revolutionary way to live. In this beautifully written portion of Scripture, we're instructed about the most excellent way to live out our lives ... the only way that actually matters.

4/27/14 Week 1 ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/4/14 Week 2 ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/11/14 Week 3 ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/18/14 Week 4 ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/25/14 Week 5 ----- Dr. Brett Burleson


Those closest to Jesus saw him die on a Friday. And on Sunday morning they assumed he was still dead. But something changed their mind. In fact, even in the face of danger they would not change their story that Jesus had been raised from the dead. Many concluded they actually were telling the truth. What if they were?

4/20/14 Easter ----- Dr. Brett Burleson