We all wear labels. Some we've placed upon ourselves. Some were tagged on us by others. But only the manufacturer or owner of something has the right to put a label on it. In this series we learn about who we are ... who we really are. The One who made us and rules over us has already labeled us. And what He says about us is the truth.

1/17/16 Image Bearer ----- Justin Warner
1/24/16 Family ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
1/31/16 Saint ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
2/7/16 Friend ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Room For One More

When you hear Jesus, you're hearing the heart of God. And on one occasion, Jesus told a simple story that made it clear: God's heart is for those who are lost. In this sermon, our pastor teaches through this simple story that Jesus told, and then issues the "2016 Challenge" for Dayspringers.

1/10/16 Room For One More ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

All Things New

With a new year comes new dreams, new commitments, and new resolutions. As we enter into another new year, we would be wise to pause and focus on the Author of newness. In this Lord's Supper sermon we are reminded that the Gospel has the ability to truly change us and make us new.

1/3/16 All Things New ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Great Joy

The birth of Jesus was accompanied by an angelic announcement. And if that heavenly pronouncement was indeed true, then the birth of Jesus could be a game-changer for everyone. Everyone! This series considers how great joy can be the reality for every single man, woman and child.

12/6/15 Joy For the Pushed Aside ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
12/13/15 Joy For the Mixed Up ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
12/20/15 Joy For the Holding On ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
12/27/15 Joy For the World ----- Billie Dantzler

The Lord's Prayers

Jesus’ disciples were moved by the prayer life of Jesus. Though they witnessed many incredible things while following Jesus, the one thing they specifically asked him to teach them was how to pray. In this series, we listen in and learn from the prayers the disciples heard the Lord pray.

11/1/15 A Prayer from the Cross ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
11/8/15 A Prayer in the Garden ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
11/15/15 A Prayer Before A Miracle ----- Buff McNickle
11/22/15 A Prayer About You ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
11/29/15 A Prayer Happening Right Now ----- Dr. Brett Burleson