According To Me

What if we stopped judging each other and just let everyone determine was was good, right, and true for themselves? It sounds good in theory, but one nation tried this for 300+ years. And the end result wasn't pretty. This series explores the time of the Judges in Israel, where we're confronted with truths we can't afford to ignore.

9/20/15 What’s Good, Right & True ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
9/27/15 Idols, Kings, & Freedom ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
10/4/15 Bigger & Better ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Life Changing Faith

We spend many days trying to impress God. Turns out, God isn't impressed with what we do, but with who we follow. Listen to this sermon and discover how you can live a life that really does amaze God.

9/14/15 Life Changing Faith ----- Mike Hall


One day a woman was dragged into the holy city where it looked like she was going to pay for her sins. Instead, she came face to face with the One who would do that in her place. This sermon teaches us about the forgiveness that can flow to us and from us.

9/6/15 Forgiveness ----- Mike Hall

Made By God

If we were to give ourselves fully to God, what do you suppose He would do with us? What would the end result look like? The truth of the matter is that God has a specific intention for all who turn to Jesus in faith. In this series we explore this divine outcome and the part we play in seeing it accomplished.

8/9/15 Made for Closeness ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
8/16/15 Made to Contribute ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
8/23/15 Made to Clarify ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
8/30/15 Made for Good ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Summer School

Jesus said we ought to love God with our minds. That means the Christian needs to exert some mental energy in an effort to grab hold of Christian doctrine. So for an entire summer, we're delving into the "ologys" of the Christian faith as we seek to add understanding to our faith.

6/7/15 Bibliology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/14/15 Theology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/22/15 Anthropology & Hamartiology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/28/15 Christology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/5/15 Soteriology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/12/15 Pneumatology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/19/15 Zoeology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/26/15 Ecclesiology ----- Mike Hall
8/2/15 Eschatology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson