King of Kings

A long time ago, a guy named Luke had some good news to share with his friend. So he wrote this good news down and sent it along. But as it turns out, it was more than just that. It was God writing His good news to us! This sermon series works through Luke's Gospel, the third book of the New Testament.

1/22/17 To You, From Me ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Brave Enough

Concluding a weekend of intense discipleship for students, our guest speaker spends the morning now addressing adults. This sermon specifically speaks to adults who've been entrusted with influence over children and teenagers.

1/15/17 Brave Parenting ----- Stuart Hall


What's in a name? A lot actually. In this message, we consider the significance of the name we bear as a congregation. And we're left with some things we need to think about every time we see or hear it.

1/8/17 Dayspring ----- Dr. Brett Burleson


If your "future self" from next year's day showed up and talked to you today, what do you suppose he/she would say? This sermon helps us focus on some important spiritual outcomes that we will surely want to see realized one day.

1/1/17 Rewind ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Savior of the World

In this series we dig into a prophecy about Jesus, spoken 700+ years before his birth. And what we discover is that these ancient words have rich meaning for our lives today.

12/4/16 Wonderful Counselor ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
12/11/16 Mighty God ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
12/18/16 Everlasting Father ----- Mike Hall