Made By God

If we were to give ourselves fully to God, what do you suppose He would do with us? What would the end result look like? The truth of the matter is that God has a specific intention for all who turn to Jesus in faith. In this series we explore this divine outcome and the part we play in seeing it accomplished.

8/9/15 Made for Closeness ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
8/16/15 Made to Contribute ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
8/23/15 Made to Clarify ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
8/30/15 Made for Good ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Summer School

Jesus said we ought to love God with our minds. That means the Christian needs to exert some mental energy in an effort to grab hold of Christian doctrine. So for an entire summer, we're delving into the "ologys" of the Christian faith as we seek to add understanding to our faith.

6/7/15 Bibliology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/14/15 Theology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/22/15 Anthropology & Hamartiology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
6/28/15 Christology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/5/15 Soteriology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/12/15 Pneumatology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/19/15 Zoeology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
7/26/15 Ecclesiology ----- Mike Hall
8/2/15 Eschatology ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Aliens Among Us

Late in his life, the Apostle Peter wrote a letter to Christians who were feeling marginalized by the rest of society. And his message was clear: though this world pushes you away, God pulls you close. In this sermon series through 1 Peter we will be reminded that we are but aliens and strangers, sojourning though a world in which we don't really belong. And we will be challenged to live as such.

4/12/15 Blending In ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
4/19/15 Living Hope ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
4/26/15 Come Quickly ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/3/15 Living Stones ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/10/15 Submission & Influence ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/17/15 Husbands & Wives ----- Mike Hall
5/24/15 Suffering For Good ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
5/31/15 Strength & Humility ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Easter 2015

What would compel God to send His One and Only Son to die in our place? In this Easter sermon we dig into a story that Jesus told one time … a story that answers the question.

4/5/15 Easter 2015 ----- Dr. Brett Burleson

Little Ol' Me

It’s a great big world. Or is it? In truth, the earth is just a small part of a small solar system tucked inside a galaxy that spans 100,000 light years. And this galaxy, enormous as it seems, is just one of about a billion other galaxies that inhabit our universe. Created space is so big we can’t really grasp it. And behind it is a Creator who measures it all with the palm of His hand. We have a tendency to act like the world starts and ends with us. But we’d be fools to live like this. In this series of sermons we consider the greatness of God, and how we can live in such a way that He becomes greater in the eyes of those who watch us live our lives.

2/22/15 God Is Big ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
3/1/15 Words ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
3/8/15 Wisdom ----- Mike Hall
3/15/15 Generosity ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
3/22/15 Authority ----- Dr. Brett Burleson
3/29/15 Remembrance ----- Dr. Brett Burleson